Why D Patch?

D Patch has been designed for you, Diabetics proudly wearing a CGM.

Our product has been designed as a strong wearing, fashionable diabetic accessory to bring your CGM sensor to life!

Diabetes can feel like a helpless condition but here at D Patch we want you to be proud of your CGM sensor. Show it off with our bold colours to co-ordinate with your outfit or cover up with our natural colours to blend in. Either way D Patch is there to secure your sugar levels!

Our Patches have been cleverly designed to stick on the skin, not on the sensor, therefore you can change it as often as you like! Match your Patch to every outfit!

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Waterproof Patch Dexcom G6


Water Resistant – Including showering, bathing, swimming or water sports. We recommend not submerging the patch for more than 30 mins. Always pat dry your D Patch after coming into contact with water.

Medical Grade Hypoallergenic Adhesive – Please be advised that although our product is Hypoallergenic, this does mean by definition that in a small percentage of people skin irritation can still occur.

The Elasticity of the Patch mimics your skin, you forget it is even there.

Easy-Peel backing to position your D Patch over your sensor without the risk of dislodging it, you can change it as often or as little as you like!

Wide Range of Colours and shapes to suit everyone – Choose a Colour Pack or Mix Pack to suit your mood or wardrobe! The D Patch is ideal for children who wear a CGM as they can choose their favourite colour.

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