Why Choose Us?

Why Choose D Patch?

We have designed D Patch to stick to the skin, not the sensor due to a cleverly designed backing. Peel away the side sections and carefully press the patch down around your sensor. Not only is this super easy to do, it also allows you to change your patch as often as you like: take full advantage of our 10 different colours!

What's more, the D Patch is water resistant so you can bathe and shower without worrying about it coming off. The same can be said for those who play sports: D Patch provides that extra reassurance that your CGM will be safe!

D Patch is Hypoallergenic, meaning that only very few people would ever have an adverse reaction. We use Medical Grade Adhesive, which by its very nature should be suitable to all.

Need More Info? Contact Us!

If you have any further questions about D Patch please feel free to contact us at: support@dpatch.co.uk